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The Himalayan country of Nepal is a land of scenic mountains, time-worn temples and some of the best walking trails on Earth. It's a small country, but it's rich in scenic splendour and exotic cultures. The people of Nepal are as diverse as their country and represent distinct cultures and races. Though they speak a variety of tongues and practice different religions, they are the friendliest people that you would ever meet.The kingdom has long exerted a pull on the Western imagination and it's a difficult place to dislodge from your memory once you return. So, wait until you're actually here in Nepal.
As a traveller, there is endless number of surprises Nepal has to offer you. Kathmandu Valley with its thousands of Hindu temples, Buddhist stupas, stunning architecture and rich pageantry can be quite beyond words. If you are careful enough not to get entangled in the superficial facade of a fastly "modernizing" capital city, Kathmandu probably offers you as exotic and urban experience as you can get.
Beyond Kathmandu, it’s another world altogether. Most travelers to Nepal want to check out the truly spectacular Himalayas along with the higher hills. A few go there to scale the high mountains, but many are nature lovers who trek along landscapes filled with deep valleys, lush forests, snow trails, terraced fields, and above all, the most hospitable people.

Travelers to Nepal also love making a safari trip to one of the National Parks in Nepal. The most popular one is the Chitwan National Park in the southern plains which hosts a diverse wildlife reserves including the rare Asian one-horn rhino.

In order to fly directly to Nepal from your home country, Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) in Kathmandu is the only international airport in Nepal. TIA has direct airlink with Hongkong,Bangkok,Singapore, Kualalumpur, Seoul, Dhaka, Delhi, Dubai, Mumbai,Kolkata,Varanasi by Air India, Singapore Airlines, Thai airways, Singapore air, Dragon Air, Cathay pacific airlines, Indian airlines, Korean Air, Biman Bangladesh, Jet Airways, Nepal airlines, Pakistan Airlines,Qatar Airways, Gulf air etc. If you buy tickets from any other airlines, you will probably connect with one of these airlines for the final leg of your flight to Nepal.
Alternatively, if you have time and enthusiasm, traveling overland to Nepal via India is an option.

The weather is probably the best guide for deciding when to plan your trip to Nepal. October and November are considered the best times of the year. The monsoon will have just ended, and clear skies with optimal temperature will prevail. The main festivals of Dashain and Tihar (Hindu equivalent of Christmas in terms of festivity) fall during these months. However, this is also the busiest tourist season, and the main tourist centers and trekking trails tend to be crowded with travelers like you. The tourist flow ebbs a little, but not significantly, between the winter months of December and mid-February. It catches up once again between mid-February and mid-April. From mid-June to early October, it's the monsoon, during which time it rains almost everyday and most of the Himalayas are hidden behind the clouds. Check the weather section of this FAQ for more details on weather. In short, plan to visit Nepal between October and May, keeping in mind that October-November and February-March are the best times (but crowded with other travelers).

You can fly between Delhi and Kathmandu for about $150 with NAC or Air India. The actual flight time, not counting the endless delays and cancellations, is only a little more than an hour. However, note that Delhi-Kathmandu-Delhi flight is very busy and without proper reservations (or proper strings to pull) can be booked weeks in advance. Make your reservations and buy your ticket well in advance.
Alternatively, you can travel overland to Nepal from India. Buses are usually the quickest and easiest form of transport for this. There are three main crossing points: Sunauli-Bhairawa, Birganj-Raxaul and Kakarbhitta-Silguri. The Sunauli border crossing is the best one from Varanasi, the Birgunj crossing is the easiest from Calcutta; and Kakarbhitta is the best crossing from Darjeeling. These trip can be quite long and stressful, both in terms of time (it takes about two days and nights) and what you may go through during the trip (with tickets, safety, weather, border harassment etc). Not recommended for those people who want to have carefree travelling.

If you plan to enter Nepal in a car, make sure you have a carnet de passage en douanes. These are required to exempt you from customs duty for three months. You may also be required to pay a fee for each day that your car is in Nepal. As in India, in Nepal, vehicles are driven on the left side of the road.

The crossing between Nepal and Tibet via Kodari is only open to organised groups but not to individual travellers heading north. Be prepared with alternative plans if you're thinking about using this route, because landslides regularly make it impassabe during the monsoon.

Tibet Trip Planing

According to the local tourist law, you have to travel in Tibet in a pre-organized group, allowing no individual groups. If you desire to travel with your couple or family separately, we can arrange a private package tour for you.

Tibet is blessed with all kinds of natural, historical and cultural attractions. In Lhasa, the must-see attractions are Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Norbulingka, Barkhor Street, and the three largest monasteries of Gelugpa Sect of Buddhism – Drepung, Ganden and Sera. Shigatse, as the second largest city of Tibet, is also often included in the itinerary. It features the seat of the Panchen Lama – Tashilhunpo Monastery, and the highest peak in the world – Mt. Everest. Besides these, the heavenly lake – Namtso near Lhasa, the sacred mountain and holy lake – Mt. Kailash and Lake Manasarovar in Ngari, and the deepest Great Canyon of the Yarlung Tsangpo River in Nyingchi also will make for an unparalleled travel experience.

The scenery along the Tibet Railway is worth seeing, especially the Qinghai Lake and Ta'er Monastery in Xining, Qarhan Salt Lake and Kunlun Mountain in Golmud. Shangri-la has its archetype in the Diqing Autonomous Region of Sichuan. The three Parallel Rivers of Yunnan Protected Areas and Meili Snow Mountain are worth seeing. The Nepalese border city of Katmandu can also be easily visited from here.

Aaltitudes of the main regions in Tibet, so that  you can have a better plan before the trip?.
Cities/Altitude (m. / ft.)
Zayul 2,327 / 7, 635
Pome  2,750 / 9, 022
Nyingchi 3,000 / 9, 843
Chamdo 3,240 / 10, 630
Tsedang 3,500 / 11, 483
Lhasa 3,650 / 11, 975
Purang 3,700 / 12, 139
Shigatse  3,836 / 12, 585
Gyangtse 4,040 / 13, 255
Damxung 4,200 /13, 780
Rutog 4,250 / 13, 944
Tingri 4,300 / 14, 108
Pagri 4,300 / 14, 108
Shiquanhe 4,300 / 14, 108
Nakchu 4,507 / 14, 787
Amdo 4,800 / 15, 748

In the relatively low areas, such as Lhasa, Shigatse and Nyingchi, the scenery does not vary much from summer to winter; but it is easier to view the snow-capped mountains at this time; the sunshine is adequate so it doesn' feel gloomy and cold. Besides, winter is Tibet's low season, so it is not very crowded and the cost of accommodation and transportation is cheaper, so you may enjoy yourself fully during the tour. A tour to the nearby Nepal is also a wise plan during winter time.

Trip Planning -Bhutan
For those planning a trip to Bhutan, here is a checklist taking you through the Trip Organizing process.
Select an itinerary from our lists of tours and treks. If you want a custom itinerary, please mention in the Tour Booking Form with details such as:
• the number of days you plan to spend in Bhutan
• tentative date of arrival in Bhutan
• Group Size ( for 3 or more pax no extra surcharge)
• personal interests and things you want to do while in Bhutan
• Indicate clearly your Port of Embarkation (POE) on Druk Air
Payments for your tour to Bhutan and your Druk Air ticket must be made in advance prior to your arrival in Bhutan following the wire transfer or by credit card
* Please note that all tour operators in Bhutan are subject to the same payment procedure of forwarding funds via a foreign currency  bank account maintained by Us.  Your confidentiality and security is fully assured.

Planning your visit to India - Information & Tips
India, a land of variety and beauty is one of the world’s most amazing countries to explore. India is one of the oldest civilizations with a rich cultural heritage. Visiting India can be an exciting and memorable experience for those touring India. With a little bit of trip pre-planning, tourists visiting India can have a safe and enjoyable holiday. India has changed considerably over the last few years. Gone are the days when westerners could not find facilities comparable to the standards they were used to at home.
India today has world class facilities to offer that would satisfy even the most fastidious traveler. There was a time when many consumer items were not available in India. However in today’s India, just about everything is available. India Trip Planning - Pre-planning Checklist
With a little bit of planning you can make your India visit an enjoyable experience. Here are some suggestions to consider to help plan your trip.
1. When applying for a visa for India, get a double entry visa as you can not re-enter India before 2 month again.
2. The cost of a double entry visa or a single entry visa is the same. This way if you decide to visit a neighboring country like Nepal /Bhutan/Tibet. A multiple visa allows you to re-enter India.
3. Make photo copies of main pages of your passport (exclude blank pages) and take a copy with you. Leave one copy at home also as an added precaution.
4. Each visitor should carry photocopies of the face page of the traveler’s passport and the page which contains the Indian visa in order to facilitate obtaining new passports from their countries Embassy or Consulate and exit visas from the Indian government, in the event of theft or loss of the passport.
5. Take along with you a few passport size photographs. You will be surprised how handy these can be when travelling in India. If you need a permit to visit restricted areas etc you need a passport photo on the application form. I once went to Nepal from India and was told the visa would be available in Nepal on arrival. It sure was, but they wanted me to provide a passport photo when I landed in Nepal. No photo meant another hours delay and US$20 to get the photo at the airport. So pack a few photos in your wallet if you plan on exploring many Indian destinations.
6. Do not plan to arrive in India without a prior hotel booking, at least for the day of your arrival. I would make sure that written confirmation is received also and keep the confirmation document with you.
7. If you do not have a local contact meeting you at the airport then ask your hotel to send a car for you. This is the safest way. Most international flights usually land in India late at night and taking private taxis is not advisable.
It is safer to stick to a taxi provided by the hotel you will be staying at. If this is not possible then take a pre-paid taxi from the airport.

Selecting a sightseeing package in India:
If you are planning on taking a tour of a city. Check before paying for it that it is conducted in a language you understand and that it is humanly possible to visit all those sites in the allotted time.

Many Indian sightseeing tours allow approximately only 30 minutes or so at each site and often this time is not enough to fully enjoy your visit.
If you have a choice to choose between a 8 hour tour that takes you to ten sites and a tour that takes you to fifteen sites in the  same time period, I would suggest you study the details and ask questions as to how much time each location will be allotted before deciding on which sightseeing tour to take.

While tours are a organized way to explore the city and tourist places. The time limit factor is a negative point. Some sites require almost an entire day or so to see. Keep this in mind when booking tour packages with tourism companies.
Electric Voltage in India:
• Electricity Voltage in India is 220 volts AC, 50 cycles.
• Some upscale hotels in India do have provisions for 110 volt shavers, electric tooth brushes etc.
• However, it is still a good idea to take along a voltage converter if you have small electrical gadgets that you intend to use during your trip to India.
• If possible buy an electric plug adapter as the electric plugs in India are rounded. Such adapters are available for about one dollar in stores such as Radio Shack or most department stores that sell electronic goods.
Medicines - Prescription Drugs while vacationing in India
• If you take a prescription regularly then always take your medication with you that will last the duration of your trip to India.

Nothing can ruin a holiday faster than a medical problem. While most medical prescription drugs are available in India. They may be named differently. For example I found that 'Altace' a popular drug for blood pressure control in North America is available in India under the name of 'Condace'. 

The manufacturer for Condace is Aventis Pharmaceuticals, who also manufacture Altace. Same manufacturer, different country, different name. This is the case with many other medicines. So instead of taking a chance, it is always better to take regularly used medicines with you.
√ Take a small amount of non prescription medication with you like Imodium, in case you fall into temptation and eat something that disagrees with your stomach. Unless you really get careless the chances are that you should be fine.

Seasons in India
India has three major seasons.
1. Winter    - November - March.
Winter months are bright and pleasant, with snowfall in the northern hills.
2. Summer - April - June.
Summer time (April-June) is hot in most parts of India, and it is then that the numerous hill resorts provide cool retreat.
3. Monsoon - June - September.
During the monsoon season, rainfall is heavy along the West Coast between June and September, and along the East Coast between mid October and December.
At present I personally would avoid travelling to Kashmir, The Indian state of Bihar and certain parts of Assam. When planning your India tour itinerary. Check the travel advisory section of the website of your country for travel warnings in certain areas.

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Keirung Border open from Sep 2017 for Tibet Tour
China open its Keirung border(Tibet-Nepal) from beginning of Sep 2017 for all national.
Trongsa, TA Dzong Opening Dates
The Royal Heritage Museum, Trongsa, would like to inform that The Royal Heritage Museum, the Tower of Trongsa, would be opening museum on Saturdays starting from (March to May) corresponding to tourist peak seasons in our country. It has been decided to start from 12th March 2017 as first Saturday coincides with last day of annual Trongsa Dzongkhag Lhamoe Dromchhe.
Myanmar Airways to connect Yangon–Kolkata from Dec 1
Starting from December 1, Myanmar Airways International will operate two times weekly service between Yangon and Kolkata on Airbus A320 and A319 aircraft. These flights between the two destinations will be operated on Thursdays and Sundays. MAI currently flies between Yangon and Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Gaya, Guangzhou, and between Mandalay and Bangkok. An official statement from MIA stated that Myanmar Airways is offering very attractive introductory fares on Kolkata to Yangon sector.
Brothers on world bicycle tour to protect environment, fight HIV/AIDS
Brothers on world bicycle tour to protect environment, fight HIV/AIDS
Nepal Airlines to fly to Dubai three times a week starting tomorrow
Nepal Airlines to fly to Dubai three times a week starting tomorrow
Haritalika Teej 3- 5 September
Haritalika Teej 3- 5 September
tourism memorial park in Kavre
tourism memorial park in Kavre
Kailash Yatra 2017
Overland yatra to Kailash from Nepal not yet open both from Kyirong & Kodari. By Heli & via Lhasa using flight possible.......
Kailash Tour 2017 booking open
Kailash tour booking for 2017 open ...starts from Inr 170000/ Usd 3000 per person.
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